Monday, August 29, 2011

Come on Irene!

So the hurricane came and went and it really wasn't as bad as they were making it out to be. In fact, if we had a generator it would have been an enjoyable storm to watch. Since we do not have a generator (yet...we WILL be prepared next time) and our power went out, our basement flooded. There was nothing too valuable down there but it's just a royal pain the tookus to clean it up. We have to get rid of the two rugs down there (they were free so not a big deal) and possibly some old furniture. At least it will motivate us to clean it up and make it nice for when some friends visit in a few weeks. I just hope the wet basement smell goes away soon! I would have taken pictures of the storm but it didn't really hit us until after dark. And our basement is scary enough without the water so I didn't take pictures of that either. I'm talking wood paneling and peel and stick floors scary. My plan is to at the very least paint the ugly paneling. I might post pictures of the before if I have a halfway decent after to show.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Three months old!


My baby is three months old today! I know every parent says this but where has the time gone? This little peanut is getting so big I just can’t stand it. She is rolling over on to her side and holding her head up. She’s not a newborn anymore. She is a baby now. The dress she is wearing was mine. I’ll have to ask my mom if she has any pictures of me wearing it.

If you are wondering who Scarlett looks like then let me show you my baby picture:


We are still trying to find out who her real father is. Because she doesn’t look anything like Courtney. Maybe when she makes funny faces.

We are currently preparing for Hurricane Irene. We live in Maryland and are expecting it to hit sometime Saturday. I think we are as prepared as we’re going to be. We have water, chips and cookies. We are all set. I’m expecting lots of rain and wind but I think the worst thing will be the power going out. It will be worth it if it means no work on Monday. Anything to be able to spend time with my favorite girl!