Thursday, February 2, 2012

8 months!

Last week Scarlett turned 8 months old.  In 4 short months my girl will be one year old.  Wow.



I’ve already started thinking about her birthday party.  While I would love to have it at our house, it’s just too small.  Plus our dogs are too rowdy for too many guests.  I thought about having it at a local park but I’m wondering if it would be too crazy to have it at a park/playground.  On a Saturday.  In May.  Hmmmm….probably not the best idea.  I don’t want to have it somewhere where I would have to pay a bunch of money.  I know the park/playground idea would probably charge to use a pavillion but that wouldn’t be too outrageous.

Decisions, decisions.

At her last doctor appointment last Friday she weighed about 16.5 pounds, with clothes on.  She gained a pound in one week!  I was so excited!  She is finally starting to gain some weight.  I think that puts her in the 20th percentile or somewhere close to that.  Some 12 month clothing fits her, depending on the brand.  Mostly she is still wearing 6-9 months, although her 6-9 month jammies are snug if they have feet on them.

She is on so many supplements and vitamins to help with her eczema and I think they are finally working.  For her morning bottle she gets 1/4 teaspoon of probiotics, 1/2 teaspoon of zinc, a dropper full of multivitamin, 2 droppers full of fish oil, 1 dropper full of vitamin d and a scoop of glutamine.  I feel like a chemist.  I have seen an improvement in her skin though.  Her doctor commented that she now looks like a normal baby suffering from eczema.  My hope is that with the help of all these supplements and time, she will outgrow it.

Scarlett is a pro at sitting.  No problems there.  We’ve been working on crawling but I think we still have awhile.  She’ll be on all fours and will rock a little but that’s about it.  Usually, she’ll just plop her head down on the floor.  Oh well.  I’m in no rush for her to learn to crawl.

We finally have top teeth!  Two started coming through at the same time and now they are both visible.  She’s even begun to grind her teeth together.  I hope that she’s just exploring the new teeth and not developing a bad habit.  I still need to get some pictures of the new teeth.


This is what my mom refers to as Scarlett’s “googie face.”  This month her eyes are deciding whether to be brown like her Mama or green like her Papa.  I would have bet money they were going to stay blue but green is good too…