Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Five months!




                                One month                                                                                                           Five months


So, last week my girl turned 5 months old.  I'm not sure if I should be happy or sad about that.  I mean, I'm happy that she is growing up and her little personality is really coming out but I'm sad because she is growing up!  My tiny little baby is now a 5 month old little person.  And that girl is strong!  I have to fight her to get her diapered and dressed sometimes.  Gone are the days where she would just lie there and let me change her.

She is starting to sit up with some help and will stand up when you hold her hands to support her.  No solids yet as we are having a bout with eczema and I have eliminated dairy, eggs, wheat/gluten, soy and peanuts (so basically all the good things!) from my diet to see what triggers it.  It’s been over a week and no improvement so I’m not sure what’s going on.  I think an allergist will be the next doctor we see. 

Scarlett loves blowing raspberries, or trying to at least.  She hasn’t quite got it down but she’s so close.  She is very aware of her hands and has started to grab for things.  I watched her grab her pacifier and attempt to put it in her mouth but the ribbon that it was attached to kept getting in the way.  She also has been chewing on her feet.  She could be a yoga master!  Still no teeth.  She is currently wearing 6-9 month clothes but some of her footie pajamas are a little short so it’s time to break out the next size pretty soon.

Halloween was this Monday and being that it’s one of my favorite holidays, we took her Trick or Treating (just up and down our street).


Mama bird and baby bird!

391789_10150404801912268_836562267_8246596_1368641_nTrick or Treat! 

Out of the 10 or 12 houses on our street, only two had their lights on (not counting ours).  We didn’t see one Trick or Treater.  I hope our next house is in a community that is big into Halloween.  Next year we will Trick or Treat in my parent’s neighborhood.  This past weekend they had a community Halloween block party and we went.


My mom bought her this costume since “it was only $5!”  Growing up my mom always made our costumes so I couldn’t believe she bought one for her.  Oh well.  It was pretty chilly when you weren’t in the sun so this kept Scarlett warm.  Plus, she was just too cute for words.

DSC_0078My dad and Scarlett

I absolutely love Halloween but I am so glad it’s over.  It felt like it was a week long.  We have an annual Halloween party at my work which I help organize and that was last Friday.  Plus making her and my costume and all the rest of my daily life I am pooped.  And Christmas is just around the corner.  Joy.

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