Monday, September 5, 2011

And so it begins

Tonight I packed up Scarlett’s moses basket.  She is too big for it now.  She’s been to big for it for awhile now.  In fact she’s been sleeping in her crib for about three weeks now.  I just haven’t had the heart to put it away.  I bought the moses basket on Craigslist a few years ago and then after I found out I was pregnant I bought new foam and found fabric on to make new covers for it.


Isn’t it beautiful?  I searched forever to find the perfect gender neutral fabric that was black and white.  Everything I found was too girly or too much black.  This was perfect.  And Scarlett loved staring at the trees.

Scarlett's arrival 013

I love this basket but it has served it’s purpose and it’s time to put it away.  I hope it won’t be too long before I can pull it out again.

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